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After the Council of Trent , the Church increased its representations of the Passion of Christ and in the course of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in the territory of Lucca - famous preachers such as the Jesuits and Peter Paul Segneri Pinamonti or the Franciscan St. Leonard of Port Maurice - organized processions of penance where everyone was invited to participate by walking barefoot, to scourge carrying chains around their necks , crowns of thorns on his head and a heavy cross on his shoulders.

This religious custom is the basis of current Good Friday processions, commonly called "of Death Jesus" which run along a route lit by traditional oil or wax candles, until they reach a higher place, symbol of Calvary, where the three Crosses are planted. Particularly important are the recurrencies of the Triennal of Death Gesus in Camaiore and Seravezza, the annual processions in the historical centre of Lucca, in Mediavalle del Serchio in Coreglia Antelminelli and of course the Procession' de' Crocioni in Castiglione di Garfagnana. This last one, despite the others, takes place on Maundy Thursday.


In Lucca departs every year from Piazza San Salvatore the historical procession that winds through the downtown streets and arrives after about two hours to San Martin's Cathederal.


The Procession' de' Crocioni of Castiglione di Garfagnana is for sure the most important in the Province as far as popular traditions are concerned. It takes place every year on Maundy Thursday. A hooded penitent of whom nobody except the Prior knows the identity, carries on his shoulders the heavy cross emulating Gesus Passion. He is bare feet, chained and his head is adorned with a crown of thorns. In the most suggestive spots of the route a durm roll sound announces the three falls fo Christ before he arrives o top of Golgota.

The Good Friday Procession of Coreglia Antelminelli is an event deeply felt by the population that, in the days preceding the event, adorns the streets with candles and flowers. The processone starts from the church of San Rocco and arrives at the ancient church of San Michele.


The Triennal procession of Death Gesus, in the municipality Camaiore takes places alternately in Camaiore, Nocchi and Casoli. It has very ancient origins: already in the sixteenth century, on the initiative of the Brotherhood of Sts. Trinity and St. Vincent Confessor, was held in the Castle of Camaiore a penitential procession in which the brothers, wearing red capes, marched behind a large wooden cross. This procession, called fo Crocione (large cross), was enriched in the course of the following centuries: in 1676 it was introduced the statue of Dead Jesus,  in 1737, the Virgin of Sorrows' one and subsequently, in the mid- nineteenth century, the sacred representation of the deposition was completed with the wooden statues of the mourning , Saint John and Mary Magdalene. Also in the present days this group, placed on a platform and carried on the shoulders by the faithfuls , proceeds along the streets lit with characteristics oil lamps, accompanied by the solemn singing of the "Stabat Mater".

The Triennal of Death Jesus of the Municipalities of Versilia Storica takes place alternately in Seravezza, Forte dei Marmi and Pietrasanta. Particularly striking is the procession of Seravezza, fully lit with wax candles, also placed in the bed of the river. Wooden statues representing the Mourners are carried in procession wearing cloth robes and wigs made from real hair.

Schedule and details of the Processions of Gesus' Passions:
- Lucca - at 20.45 h piazza S. Salvatore, via Crucis
- Bagni di Lucca - this year anticipated on Wednesday 23
- Barga, Loc. Tiglio - this year anticipated on Friday 18
- Camaiore, at 20.00 h , Chiesa dei Dolori, via V. Emanuele 
- Camaiore, Casoli (alternated to Camaiore / Nocchi)
- Camaiore, Nocchi (alternated to Camaiore / Casoli)
- Castiglione di Garfagnana -  every year on Maundy Thursday, at 21.00 h. Procession de' Crocioni
- Coreglia Antelminelli, at 20.30 h, chiesa di San Rocco 
- Forte dei Marmi,  at 21.00 h, via Crucis in the area of the cementery
- Pietrasanta (alternated to Seravezza)
- Seravezza - at 20.00 h, oratorio Misericordia - via Crucis in the historical centre.


Provincia di Lucca
Thursday March 24th and Friday 25th, 2016 


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