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Under the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic, takes place, this year, the 24th edition of the "FAI" Spring Days (Italian Environmental Fund), nationally the most important cultural event, which since 1993 to nowadays has enabled the extraordinary opening to the public of 9000 places in more than 3.600 italian towns with over 8,5 million visitors.
This year, in the days of 19 and 20 March 2016, in the Province Lucca will open to the public six cultural places, which have been restored also thanks to funding from the Italian Environmental Fund. Of these, three are located in the historic center of Lucca and three in significant places of the territory:
Lucca, historic center, via del Crocifisso - Church of St. Catherine. Baroque building recently renovated and restored to its original splendor. Wheelchair accessible. Opening hours: Sat. 14:00 / 18:00, Sun. 11:00 / 18:00. Info: 0583-583150.
Lucca, historical center, Piazza Napoleone 5 - Prefecture. The royal apartments of the ancient Lucca's headquarter of power. Visit of the monumental halls inhabited by Elisa Baciocchi and Maria Luisa di Borbone. Entry for FAI registered only, with the possibility to register on spot. Opening hours: Sat. 14:00/18:00, Sun. 11:00/18:00. Info: 0583-42451.
Lucca, historical center, Courtyard Carrara 1 - Ducal Palace. Eight centuries of history. Visit of the monumental premises. Opening hours: Sat. 14:00/18:00, Sun. 11:00/18:00. Info: 0583-4171.
Pescaglia, Loc. Carraia - Il Teatrino Vetriano. Known for being the smallest public theater in the world, with its 71 square meters is a pretty jewel of the late nineteenth century. The structure is an asset owned by the FAI and open all year round. Opening hours: Sat. 11.00/13.00-14.00/18.00, Sun. 10.00/13.00-14.00/18.00. Info: 0583-358118.
Viareggio, Via A. Fratti 402 - Villa Argentina, Art Nouveau masterpiece. The art deco buildings that adorn the waterfront and the streets of Viareggio are an intrinsic characteristic of the city. Among these the most significant and best preserved, also inside, is Villa Argentina, a property owned by the Province of Lucca, recently restored and reopened to the public. Opening hours: Sat./ Sun. 10.00/13:00 - 15:00/18:00. Info: 0584-48881.
Massarosa, Loc. La Piaggetta - Villa Lisci-Ginori. Ancient home on Lake Massaciuccoli is property of the noble Florentine family Ginori-Lisci, founder in 1735 of the porcelain factory Doccia in Sesto Fiorentino. The villa was purchased towards the end of the 1800 and became a cultural center frequented by artists including Giacomo Puccini. Opening hours: Sat. 14:00/18:00, Sun. 11:00/18:00. Info: 339-7874041.
Please read here the full program of the initiatives in the Province Lucca.

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