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Thanks to the voluntary activities of "apprentices Ciceroni" the High School and the Institute A.Vallisneri ISI "Pertini", the FAI organized a guided tour to the Church of Santa Caterina, recently restored to its original splendor. His newfound beauty has made her one of the most visited places in our city.

The protagonist of the second event will be the Aqueduct "Stands": Built as the first half of 1800, has contributed to the development and growth of our city. And this will be an opportunity to remind everyone of the historical role that holds.
Will visit the two Temples neoclassical, Doric, the aqueduct, which are located along the canals and Rogo Ozzeri, visible along the way

This initiative is part of a larger project that the delegation of Lucca called "THE PATHS OF WATER OF LUCCA", whose goal is to become aware of the importance and which has had the water, urban development, economic and social development of our Territory.

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