WINTER AT THE BLANC MUSEUM: educational workshops for children

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The Archaeological Museum of Man AC Blanc awaits children and their families to live together many experiences both instructive and funny. By doing so children will learn more about the history of our ancestors.
Among the activities there will be also loud reading of stories for pre-school children and carnival workshops.

Here is the full program of the meetings

Sunday, January 3 
OPEN GATES AT THE MUSEUM. Let's make a prehistoical brush (*).
The prehistorical artists have used differnt methods to put colors on the surfaces that they wanted to decorate: they used their hands, they blew colored dust with a pipe or they used brushes. You are all invited to build a brush with a wooden stick, animals' hair and nautral glue. Then you will use your brushes to paint with ochers on river pebbles as our ancestors did. 

Saturday, January 16
GRANDPARENTS AT THE MUSEUM. Let's experiment prehistory: Atelier of chipping 
An experimental demonstration allows you to discover the main techniques used to produce stone tools, by chipping and by and adjusting flint. We are proposing a chipping workshop in order to show how the prehistoric man obtained through the processing of flint, the tools that he needed to carry out his daily subsistence activities.
Sunday, January 24 
BORN TO READ. Animated readings (*)
For children from six months to six years. 
Saturday, February 13 
Ceramic workshop by the ceramist Laura Manfredi
Saturday, February 20  
Papier-maché workshop by Maestro Gionata Francesconi 
Saturday, February 27  
Construction of a mask by using natural materials. During the workshop the children will be involved in the construction of a mask typically used by the prehistorical but also by nowadays shamans, as proved by the cave paintings. The mask is made of cardboard and eventually decorated with natural materials such as shells, feathers, pine cones, ochre and so on. 
Sunday, March 6 
OPEN GATES AT THE MUSEUM. The statue menhir (*)
A short inroduction on the phenomenon of the menhir statues, misterious stone statues reproducing stylised men, animals or women adorned with juwels. These stones represent an important evidence of the ancient civilisations that lived in Lunigiana from the IIIrd millennium b.C. untild the VII-VI century  b. C. After the introduction a workshop will follow, in which the participants are invited to create a model of menhir statue with clay. 
Saturday, March 12  
BORN TO READ. Animated readings (*)
For children from six months to six years.
Sturday, March 19 
GRANDPARENTS AT THE MUSEUM. Let's make a prehistorical bell-collar
An educational workshop dedicated to the creation of a bell-collar. The participants can use and combine natural material to build their instrument. 
WINTER AT THE BLANC MUSEUM: educational workshops for children 
Viareggio, museum A. C. Blanc c/o villa Paolina, via Machiavelli 2
2016 January 3/16/24 , February 13/20/27 , March 6/12/19 , at 4:00 pm
Cost 3,00 euro each participant; (*) free admission
For all the activitis reservation requested

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Civici Musei di villa Paolina
Via Machiavelli, 2 - 55049 Viareggio (LU)
Tel.+39 0584-966338/346
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