CHI E' DI SCENA? - Amateur teathre in Montecarlo

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The theatrical tradition in the village of Montecarlo dates back at least to 1639, but only in 1702, formed an association called the Accademia degli Assicurati to stage plays with actors and local companies. Around 1750, the Academy bought a property owner and made it into a theater: the establishment was suppressed by the Grand Duke of Tuscany in 1791, but the theater was re-opened in 1795 and re-founded the Academy with the new name of "Rassicurati".
On the tiny stage he passed all the repertoire of Italian opera, from Rossini to Bellini, Donizetti to Verdi, and nineteenth-century opera composers minors. After 1871, the young Giacomo Puccini attended the
Teatro dei Rassicurati.

The harmonious and tiny oval room, capable of a maximum of 200 seats, is surrounded by a double row of 22 equally tiny boxes, plus the four proscenium. The environment plays miniature structural characteristics and environmental classic "Opera" of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
In 1894 the theater was once again restored and enlarged with the addition of the four "longboats" the proscenium.

In Teatro dei Rassicurati di Montecarlo follow each other throughout the course of the year concerts and plays and amateur theater.

CHI E' DI SCENA? - Review of amateur theater

Sunday, January 18
16:15 Compagnia La Combriccola "Né tu, né io" (Neither you nor I) ensemble comedy in the vernacular of Lucca Marco Nicolosi Genre: comedy

Sunday, January 25
16:15 Compagnia del Molo La cena dei cretini” (The Dinner Game) comedy by Francis Veber Genre: comedy

Sunday, February 1
16:15 Compagnia del Libero Teatro Cechoviana” (Chekhovian) three one-act plays by Anton Chekhov Genre: comedy

Sunday, February 8
16:15 Twinning with the Provincial Committee FITA Latina Compagnia Gente Comune “Grisù, Giuseppe e Maria” (Grisù, Joseph and Mary) play by Gianni Clementi Genre: comedy

Sunday, February 15
16:15 Compagnia Colpo di Scena in collaboration with the laboratory of theatrical KREATIVA - On the Art and Environment L’amante” (The Lover) by Harold Pinter Genre: drama

Sunday, February 22
16:15 Compagnia Teatro dell’Accadente “Una (st)ridente casa di campagna” (A (st), a beautiful country house) thriller Gabriella Ghilarducci Genre: thriller

Sunday, March 1
16:15 Compagnia Velli der Mattaccio “Gioi di ‘oppie” (couples' games) comedy in the vernacular of Leandro Ghilarducci Genre: comedy

Sunday, March 8
16:15 La Cattiva Compagnia “Le Muse orfane” (The Orphan Muses) by Michel Marc Bouchard Gender: dramatic

Sunday, March 15
16:15 Compagnia CircoCinque “Napulammore” tribute to Naples Stefano Pardini Gender: magazine

Sunday, March 22
16:15 Compagnia Gli Avanzati “Il matrimonio perfetto” (The Perfect Wedding) comedy of Robin Hawdon Genre: comedy E 'can subscribe to the entire season (10 shows) at a cost of € 60.00.

CHI E' DI SCENA? - Amateur teathre in Montecarlo
Montecarlo, Teatro dei Rassicurati, Via Carmignani Montecarlo 14
2016 January 18, / March 22 at 16:15
admission € 7.00

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F.I.T.A. Lucca
informazioni e prenotazioni 320 6320032 -

Teatro dei rassicurati
via Carmignani, 1 Montecarlo

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