IL TOSCANELLO - festival di teatro amatoriale

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Located in the central square of the town, the theater was founded in 1930 and operated since World War II until the 70s as a cinema. Purchased and renovated by the municipality of Lucca, it is today with the stage structure, narrow hole, with 350 seats divided between the stalls and a small gallery. The theater is particularly suitable and widely used for plays or operettas with small companies, chamber concerts cabaret, performances and choral festivals, philharmonic.
Teatro Idelfonso Nieri Valdottavo inaugurates the II edition of the Festival of amateur theater organized by FITA.
The comparison with the theatrical realities of the region, will see alternating performances and timeless classics of Italian and European tradition with entertaining and highly enjoyable.


Saturday, November 7
"Trois versions de la vie" tragicomedy in three acts repeated Yasmine Reza.
Compagnia Teatranti Quanto Basta .

Saturday, November 14

"Migrantes La città priva di mura" (Migrantes The city without walls) by Silena Santoni inspired by the novel "The Long Voyage" by Sciascia.
Compagnia Teatrale Katapult
The city without walls is the ideal place in which different peoples realize a civil society. A difficult, often tiring, that can take only start from the knowledge of self and others.

Saturday, November 21
"Black Comedy" by Peter Shaffer.
Associazione Culturale Il Genio delle lampada e Compagnia Down Theatre.

Saturday, November 28

"Di che segno sei?" (What's your zodiac sign?) comedy in two acts by Mariaraffaella Lanzara.
Compagnia dei Sognatori.

Saturday, December 5
"Ora no, tesoro!" (Not now, honey!) comedy of Ray Cooney and John Chapman.
Compagnia Teatrale Unicorno.

Saturday, December 12

"A as Adolphe" choral writing of the
Compagnia I Pinguini.
Compagnia I Pinguini.

Saturday, December 19
"The Gin Game" by D. L. Coburn. Theatre Company dell'Accadente.

Saturday, January 9
"Donnacce - il lato nascosto delle donne e non solo" (Bad women - the hidden side of women, and not only) exhilarating all-female Barbara Civitelli.
Compagnia dell'Accademia.

Saturday, January 16
"Il malato immaginario" (The Imaginary Invalid) by Moliere.
Compagnia I Teatranti di Fabio Cicaloni.

Saturday, January 23
"Cosetta Gigli in concerto" (Cosetta Gigli in concert) to follow "L'amore è troppo generico" (Love is too general).
Compagnia Teatrale Katapult.

THE TOSCANELLO - festival of amateur theater
Lucca, Loc. Ponte a Moriano - theater Idelfonso Nieri
7 November / January 23, 2015 at 21:15
ticket € 8,00 - concessions € 6,00

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