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The survey about man and his existence are the basis of the latest research by French artist Philippe Delenseigne on display in Lu.CCA Lounge and Underground. In the solo exhibition entitled "Life", curated by Antonio Parpinelli, along with works made of vinyl on canvas are also an evocative installation that acts as a guiding conceptual and material to the two sections of the exhibition all focused on our perception of the world.

Philippe Delenseigne is a researcher of the invisible, a scholar of souls. Some times its investigation of the world and humanity is full of irony and impertinence, other times it is deeply critical and more unsettling. Each composition is a microcosm, through an original technique based on the "hot glue" structure quickly work jutting halfway between painting and sculpture, as if he needed to stop for a moment and quickly re-create the reality through the superimposition of small droplets of silicone.

"These 'tears' of glue - says the curator - match the uniqueness and completeness of man, the synthesis of an existential condition that requires many more tears to form a solid social structure. Everyone, as a drop of water, evaporate, will ascend into heaven to fall back into the sea feeding the great river of life. " The drops run through spaces whites and blacks, oneness and harmony of opposites that characterize our existence, which are developed on different planes and dimensions, symbols of various historical and existential moments of our journey. The drop can not stop at nothing rewriting the origin of man to prepare to live the future.

Delenseigne gives us a minimalist vision and depth of the world, a major simplification of human life, an overview of what we are creating synthetic compositions, incisive and direct taking us back to the first principle of our essence.

Lu.C.C.A. Lounge and Underground
January 3 to February 3
From Tuesday to Sunday 10-19
Free admission

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