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For the fourth consecutive year the halls of the Museums of Villa Paolina Bonaparte Viareggio opened the doors for Art Project, contemporary art exhibition, curated by Nicholas Domenici and Maurizio Marco Tozzi.
Vap is a show created with the intent to inform the public of the various fields of contemporary art and to create a cultural bridge between the Versilia, Italy and the rest of the world. There will be paintings, sculpture, video art, installations, art and virtual interactive environments, created by 30 artists from Italy, France, Japan, India and Germany. The highly anticipated video premiere Italian Indian Vijay Raghavan: "The world today is overflowing with images from surveillance technologies that work, google-maps, simulation devices, CCTV cameras, scanning machines, etc.. And 'in this environment that I place my practice as an artist, working in sync with the moving images in digital media and the importance of static. Whereas, on the one hand, use similar rhetorical reasons, such as advertising, and other I bypass the grid of surveillance information in order to bring out the poetry of life experiences, complaints, humor and fear ".
Among the comebacks, that of Maria Luisa Grimani, versatile poet who has collaborated with Bruno Munari in 2007 and began a dialogue with the group on the Internet Password, attended by artists who reside in all parts of the world and work online .
As in previous editions, you can also visit the show directly from your PC at home via streaming channel
The exhibition will be open from 20 July to 12 August, daily except Monday, from 18 to 23. Opening Friday, July 20 at 18.

Matthew Arfanotti
Sara Atzeni
Enrica Bixio
Antonella Botticelli
Henry Bovi
Federico Brambilla
Marta Cadonici
Elisa Corsini
Stefano Corsini
Frederick Cosci
Nicholas Domenici
Sabina Feroci
Maria Luisa Grimani
Shozo Koike
Hilke Kracke
Fabrizio Blackboard
Free Maggini
Francis Martera
Seila Mazzoni
Alberto Meggiorin
Gian Luca Mura
Francis Murlo
Vanda Pianini
Vijay Raghavan
Julia Salis
Joseph Sinesi
Carlo Trevisan
Maurizio Marco Tozzi
Antonio Vilasi
David Barbafiera - Adriano Di Ricco - Julius Kernels

Art Project
Museums Villa Pauline Viareggio
from July 20 to August 12

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FAX: +39058430285
CELL: 328.8856600 – 3356633100