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dal 13-9-2016 al 14-9-2016

Traditional procession through the streets of the historical center of Lucca illuminated for the occasion with thousands of small lights of wax.

Tuesday 13 Luminara

12:00: Sound of bells throughout the Archdiocese.
18:00: In the Cathedral, First Vespers, presided over by Msgr. Archbishop.  Are invited to participate with the faithful, the diocesan and religious priests in cotta and
red stole, deacons with their liturgical vestments, and the Religious. Music service in the Chapel of the Cathedral "S. Cecilia. "
19:15: Meeting of all the representations in the area of ​​S. Frediano.
20:00: On the front of the Basilica of San Frediano start and Luminara. Upon arrival at the Cathedral of St. Martin, a tribute to the Holy Face, short speech of the Archbishop, songs from all the choirs present concluding liturgy, mottettone, final blessing.
23:30 Fireworks of the Holy Cross, visible from the city walls.
Wednesday 14 Exaltation of the Holy Cross

7:30 am:
In the Cathedral Church Holy Mass.
9:00 am:
In the Cathedral Church Holy Mass.
10:30 am: Solemn concelebration of the Eucharist, presided by Msgr. Archbishop, with the Canons of the Cathedral, the Vicars of the Pastoral Zone and diocesan priests and religious who so desire. The songs will be handled by the Chapel of the Cathedral "S. Cecilia "(Director: Luca Bacci, Organist: Giulia Biagetti).
5.00 pm Celebration of Vespers and "station" to the Chapel of the Holy Face, presided over by Msgr. Archbishop. Even at Second Vespers, to the extent possible, are invited to participate with the faithful, priests.
6.00pm: Mass with hymns led by the choir "R. Baralli. "


Lucca - Historical Center
2016 September 13
hours 18.00

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