TEATRO DEI RASSICURATI in MOntecarlo - theatre season

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The theatrical tradition in the village of Montecarlo dates back at least to 1639, when a group of young people proposed to the City to "buy or to make a scene and perspective to recite comedies, what not always habbino accattarla other cribs lower in Monte Carlo as they did so far ". Around 1750, the Academy bought a property owner and made it into a theater, perhaps a rectangular plan: the establishment was suppressed by the Grand Duke of Tuscany in 1791, along with many others of the genre, but the theater was reopened a few years later, in 1795.

The Academy was re-founded in that year under the new name of "Reassured" and the reconstruction of the theater was entrusted to the Florentine Antonio Kids. The harmonious and tiny oval room, capable of 200 seats, is surrounded by a double row of 22 equally tiny boxes, plus the four proscenium. The environment plays miniature structural characteristics and environment of the classic "Opera" of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

On the tiny stage also passed the whole repertoire of Italian opera, from Rossini to Bellini, Donizetti to Verdi, and nineteenth-century opera composers minor, today almost forgotten. After 1871, the young Giacomo Puccini attended the Theatre Reassured, during trips to Monte Carlo with his sister Ramelde, governess at home Macarini-Carmignani, today Palazzo Lavagna in via Carmignani. In 1894 the theater was once again restored and enlarged with the addition of the four "barcacce" proscenium.

For the 2016 season a billboard quite varied, with interpreters experienced alternating with proposals for new drama. Eight performances from January to April, for a billboard that skillfully blend classical and modern repertoire, involving big names in theater, television and music.

Friday, January 15

21:15 Nuzzo Di Biase
Gli impiegati dell'amore (Célibataires) David Foenkinos
Director Marie Pascale Osterrieth.
Production Bananas. Reflections on the couple, about loneliness, fear of happiness, divorce and on the art of tango: a universe full of fantasy and humor for the return to the scene of the tested pair-Nuzzo Di Biase accomplice this highly acclaimed comedy of David French Foenkinos first for Italy.

Sunday, January 31
21:15 Alessandro Benvenuti Chi è di scena written and directed by Alessandro Benvenuti with Paul Cioni, Maria Vittoria Argenti.
Production Arca Azzurra Theatre. A show unpredictable and light, staged with rhythm and lots of jokes. An instinctive and ferocious comedy, typical of the work of welcome, which addresses topical issues with strong language, explicit tinged with irony and sarcasm.

Saturday, February 6
21:15 Le intelletuali  (The intellectuals) by Molière, translated by Cesare Garboli.
Director Monica Conti. With Mary Ariis, Stefano Braschi, Marco Cacciola, Federica Fabiani, Miro Landoni, Roberto Trifirò sets and costumes Domenico Franchi.Produzione Elsinore Innovation Theatre.
Written by Molière to celebrate the power - the culture is power, ignorance, the intellectual, the servant of the house, tradition, novelty, male, female: because power is based or face ... (Cesare Garboli ) - the comedy is particularly bright for contemporary audiences.

Friday, February 26
21:15 Aniello Arenai A-SOLO. Studies of absence in public. Directing and dramaturgy Armando Punzo. Original music performed live and sound design Andrea Salvadori. Production VolterraTeatro / Carte Blanche-center National Theatre and Prison / Compagnia della Fortezza.
An experiment, a shared artistic creation. 
A-SOLO it affects everyone, actor and audience, called to retrace a story without anecdotes and histories, to find themselves active participants of images and atmospheres of an amazing artistic career.

Saturday, March 12
21:15 Enrico Fink directs Shel Shapiro and the multi-ethnic orchestra of Arezzo. Collaboration in the direction Massimiliano Dragoni. Production Workshops of Culture / Tuscany Region / City of Arezzo. Culture, music, diversity and mixture: these are undoubtedly the guiding principles of the project that led to the establishment of the Orchestra of Multiethnic Arezzo led by Enrico Fink that on this occasion with the participation of outstanding Shel Shapiro. A real musical journey through the traditions.

Sunday, April 10
21:15 Spettacoli in cantiere. Organize Ass. And Or creative edge. Students Laboratories And Or, creative edge (Lucca), La Bottega del Teatro (Versilia) and Brains in Storm (Pistoia) meet for an exchange and a methodological comparison, artistic, emotional. During the evening it will be proposed different extracts performance "work in progress".

teatro dei Rassicurati
january 15 /april 10  at 21:15

ticket  € 12,00 - concessions € 8,00


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Teatro Comunale dei Rassicurati,
Montecarlo Via Carmignani 14
Tel. +39 0583 229725- culturaeturismo@comune.montecarlo.lu.it

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