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The CarnevalMarlia starts from the early years of the 900 and the testimonies dating from the first event to 1904, although the first photographs are detectable only in the 20s, because the first evidence showing, of course, black and white, a parade of crowd around in what must be one of the first car seen in the area.

Carnival certainly does not appear in the clothing or in the faces of men, "a party " but earnest, as women always are smiling and have the most unusual attires . But only the car is really dressed up to suggest a different party .

More photos of the era, the '30s, '40s, and '50s witnessed the construction of real Folats in paper mache. But in recent years that the CarnevalMarlia able to express the best. The wagons are becoming larger and add movement and colors that were not used in the past .

Five floats will parade through the streets of CarnevalMarlia edition 2016. Children in masks can climb assisted by animators. In addition, the band will present the show "La Campagnola" Marlia along with other musical animations with various bands that will perform on the main stage of the Market Square. During the courses there will be performances of the Galaxy Animation with makeup baby, balloon sculptures, giant soap bubbles and other games. It 's also provided a exposure of American Car.

The shows will be held at 14.00 on days

Sunday, January 17
January 24
January 31
Sunday, February 7
Sunday, February 14

every Sunday, for free: gadgets for all children.

january 17, 24, 31  - february 7,14  at 14.00 / 18:00
Admission € 5.00 up to 12 years

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