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 The Guinigi Tower is one of two towers remained to testify the illustrious past of the city. The tower kit the homonymous palace of the Guinigi family, merchants and Lord of the city of Lucca in the '400.
From the top you can enjoy a wide view of the dense fabric of the city streets, the red roofs from which rise the large buildings of the medieval churches and throughout the arc of hills that circanda, to the most distant hills of the Apuan Alps.




The Walls of Lucca is undoubtedly the most representative monument of the city and the most loved by locals and visitors.
You can go wondering around the ring of 4 km with a continuous and ever-changing landscape on wthin the city and surrounding hills.




The antiques market of Lucca and the antiquarian tradition born in ancient times when the noble families used to look, throughout Europe, for exclusive pieces  with which to enrich their homes. In 1970 Lucca antique dealers along with restaurateurs and traders of other sectors gave birth to the first edition and the Antiques Market dealer is now a major event every third Sunday of the month and the previous Saturday.




The amphitheater square is undoubtly the most famous square in the historic center of Lucca.
In the second century was the site of citizens games, today is a pleasant sitting, quiet and comfortable, not far from Via Fillungo, the elegant promenade of shops and cafes.




San Michele square is the very origin of the city of Lucca. Here, at the time of the foundation of the city, it was the Roman Forum and from there set off the two main streets: the cardo and the decumanus maximus.
The centuries have left important traces: the medieval church of St. Michael, the Renaissance Praetorian palace, the nineteenth-century pavement and fence with pillars and chains.




The church of St. Catherine is a rare and valuable example of Baroque religious architecture in the center of Lucca.
Recently restored by the FAI in Lucca is known as church "of the cigarette girls" for its proximity to the former Manifattura of
Tobacco of Lucca.